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We care about our customers

Here at SSE Enterprise Telecoms we take customer service very seriously, we truly believe that without loyal and happy customers we would not exist. That’s why we have invested in a customer charter which describes our commitment to you.

Here is our commitment to you:

SSE Enterprise Telecoms customer charter

How we deliver on our commitments:

To understand our customers, we have implemented transactional customer surveys. Once an order is complete we’ll send you a survey asking a few questions about the order. This provides us with a Net Promotor Score (NPS), which indicates to us how you feel about our service and drives positive change on behalf of customers.

We’re proud that we’ve achieved an average NPS of 62% in the last year.

We have also implemented an annual survey where we ask customers their opinion of our overall service. This survey allows us to understand common overall areas we could improve our service.

Feedback from these surveys has led to more investment in resource where our customers feel pain, improved service management and a more streamlined customer experience.

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