Connecting from the word go…

When Irish network service provider enet began speaking to its connectivity customers they quickly realised that a common cause of concern was finding a reliable network provider in England, Scotland and Wales that offered the same flexibility that enet delivered in Ireland. Seeing an opportunity, the team decided to take the challenge in hand and looked for a partner that held customer service, network reliability and flexibility in as high esteem as they did…

… and then they met us!

With no network infrastructure outside of Ireland, enet not only needed a network provider with the same business mentality, but also pervasive technical capability. Our team got to work straight away understanding exactly what was required.

“SSE Enterprise Telecoms took us seriously from the beginning” – John Fitzgerald, Carrier Relations & Procurement, enet

It was our years of experience in mission critical sectors that gave enet the confidence that our network is engineered with reliability in mind. What’s more, we choose our partners with the same level of scrutiny. This made enet’s market analysis straightforward and after some smooth negotiations, a deal was agreed to install a Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) in the London Telehouse North data centre; providing enet customers unprecedented access into our UK network.

The partnership now benefits both enet customers with sites already in the UK as well as those hoping to expand into the UK, as they now have an ultra-resilient, flexible network at their fingertips. Our UK-wide network is also beneficial due to its scale – 20,000+km of fibre network and 265 PoPs to be exact. In addition to this, thanks to additional connections with third party suppliers (as part of our ‘Edge Plus’ programme), we can connect enet’s customers anywhere in the UK.

Our ‘intuitive’ LIVEQUOTE tool is also proving useful for those within the enet team. This online pricing portal enables them to quickly compare quotes and offer the most cost-effective connectivity options to end-customers.

What makes this partnership even better – enet is completely on the same page as us in terms of its attitude towards customer service. In its own words:

“We had a connection from the word go”‘ – John Fitzgerald, Carrier Relations & Procurement, enet

What’s more, this is only the start. Customers are already benefitting from the UK-Irish network partnership, but there’s much more to come – watch this space!

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