EDGE PLUS: our Ethernet, but everywhere….

100% national coverage for SSE Enterprise Telecoms Ethernet.

We think this is a big announcement, great for our customers and a milestone for us! Our high performance, high availability Ethernet services have always been popular but, until this post, have only been available in central business districts in the largest towns and cities around Great Britain.

Trouble was, if you had offices outside of those areas, we were just, well, to be honest, we just couldn’t reach you.

Our network coverage initiative, Edge Plus, changes everything!

Edge Plus enables us to provide you with great value, high speed, high availability, high quality Ethernet network services pretty much everywhere in the United Kingdom.

No matter if your head office is in London, your manufacturing plant is in Bangor, you have a distribution centre in Barnstaple and sales offices in Lowestoft and Hartlepool you can now get a full SSE Enterprise Telecoms national Ethernet service at all of them.

How can we do that?

In our direct coverage areas (see map) we offer some of the most competitive Fibre-based Ethernet services in the UK.

Beyond our direct coverage areas, other network operators offer their own networks. Trouble is, the competitiveness of individual operators in any given regional area (or even in individual postcodes) can vary dramatically, based upon the proximity of their own network assets to your premises and also on the type of services they offer. Some operators core strength is pervasive national coverage (expensive, but everywhere). Some specialise in particular regions (major cities or high value urban areas perhaps). Others specialise in particular types of service (broadband internet, for example).

If you have multiple sites across the UK it is hugely unlikely that a single operator will have THE most competitive means of connecting every one of your sites.

To get the best value for EVERY site, you need to “cherry pick” from the best that every operator has to offer. But that doesn’t give you a coherent multi-site network – you just end up with lots of individual circuits and a big integration, routing and management job.

Bringing it all together

One by one, we are connecting our network with each of the most competitive players in each market or area. Every time we quote for a customer network service now, irrespective of the number of sites OR their locations, we use our own new proprietary price matching engine to seek the best value “service compliant” option from our catalogue of suppliers. Wherever WE have the most competitive footprint we propose our own services using our own national network assets. Then, for each and every site where we do not have our own direct coverage, we do an instant on-line price comparison of services from other operators (like the internet price comparison sites) to find you the best value, specification compliant service for every other site.

Now here’s the good part: (and here’s why you get so much better value and service from SSE Enterprise Telecoms)

We connect to the other operator’s networks so that we use as much of our network as we can before we complete the connection to your sites using the other operator’s services.

That gives you three big benefits:

Firstly, you get an SSE Enterprise Telecoms end-to-end managed service “wrap” for all of your sites, with a single consistent service level agreement, 24/7, 365 days a year, support and personal account management all on a complete service that gives you best value at every single site. You deal with us for everything.

Secondly, for sites that fall in our own network footprint, you’ll enjoy the benefit of our generally much more competitive pricing.

Thirdly, in our extended Edge Plus footprint you’ll get the benefit of the lower costs on our part of the service path AND the purchasing power we leverage with our selected third party network providers for the remainder.

It’s the best of all worlds!

Edge Plus. Best value, best service, every site, every time.

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