Extended benefits: Vodafone joins Edge Plus

For those of you that are unfamiliar with our Edge Plus service, it enables our enterprise customers to extend their connectivity beyond the SSE Enterprise Telecoms network, by selecting the most competitive Ethernet provider in any given location. This is made possible by the integration of our own Ethernet services with those of other leading network providers, including BT Wholesale, Virgin Media and, today, we’re pleased to announce that Vodafone has also joined the Edge Plus family!

Vodafone has invested extensively in its network, ensuring that it is offering an enterprise-grade service.  Its inclusion in Edge Plus means that it can now use this to become a viable option for businesses looking to build resilient networks across the breadth of the UK.  Vodafone’s services will now be available through our proprietary Ethernet service price comparison engine, LIVEQUOTE, which analyses the prices quoted by all suppliers (including us!) in the Edge Plus portfolio, for any given postcode. This allows us to deliver the most cost-effective offering available.

The integration of Vodafone, BT Wholesale and Virgin Media Ethernet services within our network footprint makes SSE Enterprise Telecoms an even more attractive proposition for the UK’s most demanding enterprises. No matter where in the UK your business is located, we can guarantee the most reliable and resilient service. What’s more, thanks to LIVEQUOTE, we can deliver this at the best possible price!

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