Four investment banking megatrends you can benefit from…

Below is a taster of how connectivity strategies can tackle the four megatrends, but take a look at our eBook for a more detailed run down of how you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Towards the end of last year we released an eBook examining the four megatrends which are reshaping the business environment in the investment banking sector. Today, we’ve announced its second and final installment, which looks at these megatrends from a networking perspective – you can get your copy here.

Customers are demanding more

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Communication requirements have expanded beyond all recognition and customers have an expectation for secure, reliable, any-time, many-device access to sophisticated web and mobile-enabled services. Without a sophisticated network behind the scenes, it would be impossible to deliver this. In particular, investment banks need to pay close attention to the connections of their IT platforms and high speed internet gateways, if they’re to deliver a world class customer experience.

The trading floor is trading faster

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The trader’s desk has become one of the most performance sensitive and bandwidth heavy desktops in the world. Direct Market Access (DMA) services means that network speed and reliability has become a competitive imperative and this might even mean needing your own private fibre network service.

IT is getting smarter

Virtualisation, orchestration and cloud have streamlined IT infrastructures and have made for better performing, more flexible investment banks. This can only come to fruition, however, if the network can handle the resulting peaks and troughs of traffic. One horse won’t suit everyone and every trading firm will have its own challenges to overcome, but a network with high availability, low latency, high security and scalability is certainly never a bad thing!

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Compliance is getting harder

The UK financial services industry is one of the most regulated in the world and the network has a vital role in routing information to senior managers to give them a clear picture of the company’s compliance profile. What’s more, audit trails can increase the amount of data recorded for each transaction and the demand to access systems can mean geographic diversity and fault tolerance has become best practice. A network therefore needs to be designed with geographic diversity requirements in mind and a high-bandwidth service which can be relied upon.

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The only acceptable failures on our network are acts of God, so let us know what connectivity issues you’re having in the investment banking world!

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