Networks are central to UK business growth…why we’ve joined forces with Sky

New research has revealed that a third of UK businesses will invest in Ethernet and Broadband in 2018. Mostly, according to the findings, medium and large sized companies looking for multi-Gigabit speeds and high-quality connections. Yet, with Ethernet and data storage solutions more readily available than ever before, how do these businesses make sure it’s the right investment for them?

The race for growth and better bandwidth

UK businesses are entering a fourth industrial revolution right now. They’re increasingly bolstered by cloud, IoT and AI, and need to carry out more data processing than ever before if they’re to make these technologies work. However, in order for today’s digitised workforce to operate efficiently B2B bandwidth, and how it’s provisioned, may also need to be re-examined.

Because of this, I anticipate that the next five years will see a ramping up in the race to become the connectivity provider of choice, with the likely winners being the service providers that communicate most clearly on cost effectiveness, capacity and value of service.

This is hugely important. Businesses up and down the UK looking to grow will be seeking out flexible bandwidth, as they seek to make digital efficiencies to cater for business growth. When shopping around for the right connectivity services, they should keep a specific criteria in mind. Factors such as experience, consultancy, ease-of-use and reach, should all feature high on the list of considerations.

The service provider community is pivotal in securing the UK’s digital future

It’s not just the pressure on UK networks that will take on a different complexion in 2018, but also who is responsible for building them. With an ever-increasing demand for connectivity, network infrastructures require higher resiliency and improved diversity. 2017 saw a sharp uptake in companies partnering to achieve these new standards and 2018 will be no exception.

The UK Government has also alluded to the need to “continue to create conditions that encourage investment in the UK’s digital infrastructure” and has spoken of its aim of “encouraging the market towards ubiquitous ultrafast services”. But the Government must also recognise the need to invest in building out networks in a way that’s more attractive to alternative providers other than national incumbents.

It was the market shifts in ‘the need to digitise’ and ‘the need to be first ‘, as well as the urgency for high-capacity bandwidth that’s cost-effective and easy-to-buy, that drove us to partner with Sky. At SSE Enterprise Telecoms we saw this demand shift for bandwidth as a great chance to create opportunities for some of the greatest innovations of this era. We recently announced a connectivity partnership with Sky’s wholesale division, Sky Network Services (SNS), to deliver new high-capacity Ethernet connectivity solutions to businesses across the UK, expanding B2B reach to 96% of business postcodes.

A new partnership for business demands

It was our commitment to provide a great customer experience (supported by our our maintained 50+ NPS scores) alongside our easy-to-navigate price comparison portal LIVEQUOTE with online ordering capability and UK-wide network coverage that attracted Sky to partner with us.

The deal with Sky came after a strong period of growth for SSE Enterprise Telecoms: with Ethernet orders up 186% since 2015, the growth of our 200+ channel network going from strength to strength and the ability for our customers to order and provision services themselves fast becoming an integral part of the business. By combining the two companies we will have created a nationwide telecoms and data network with reach in excess of 2,800 exchanges (hitting 96% of UK business postcodes).

It’s no secret that modern businesses are increasingly time-poor and understandably overwhelmed by the network buying process. That’s why everything we do is geared towards being easy to deal with and easy to buy from. The partnership with Sky will see service providers and customers alike benefitting in the future, thanks to the simplified, market competitive pricing and reduced cost of provisioning (critically important to the financially-savvy, digitised workforce of tomorrow).

Interested in finding out more about our partnership with Sky. Read the full press release here.

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