Let LIGHTNOW wavelengths rock your world!

LIGHTNOW virtualises 21 leading London data centre properties with affordable 10Gbps Ethernet wavelengths delivered in one week lead times.

We announced our brand new optical networking service at Data Centre World & Cloud Expo today. We’re pretty proud of it. We hope, like most things we do, it’s not what it actually is that matters, it’s what it can help you to achieve.

Where can you get it?

The 21 London data centres LIGHTNOW connects are:

Digital Realty Trust, Woking Equinix LD4, LD5 & LD6 Slough
Global Switch 2, Docklands Infinity SDC, Slough
Interxion, Brick Lane Level 3, Goswell Road
Optimum, Hayes Savvis, Slough
SunGard, Hounslow Telecity, Harbour Exchange 6-7
Telecity, Harbour Exchange 8-9 Telecity Powergate
Telecity Sovereign House Telehouse North, Docklands
Telehouse East, Docklands Telehouse West, Docklands
Telehouse Metro, London City Telstra London Hosting Centre, Docklands
Volta, Great Sutton Street

All sites above become available in April 2014

Virtus (in Enfield) becomes available in summer 2014

What’s it all about?

In our travels, we talk to lots of customers who use data centre co-location services. Those who are familiar with the market often make the same observation. Co-location as a concept has gone from novelty to mainstream. It seems everyone is doing it. And there’s lots and lots of choice. Commercial data centres have sprung up all over the country and not surprisingly, there is a big concentration in London and the South East.

That’s just great for co-location customers because it creates choice and the most obvious by-product of choice is competition and what does competition do? It makes things more affordable. It also makes data centre operators sit up and think. And think they have. And the smart ones have responded by focusing and differentiating their data centres and services.

Some now choose to specialise in carrier connectivity and communications hubbing. Some focus on hosting and others on managed service propositions like IaaS, PaaS and Security. Some focus on high availability and physical security. Some focus on value (outside of key city centres where rents are cheaper). Some focus on property style leases and wholesale packaging. Some offer deep service wraps tailored for smaller businesses. Some are mega-centres and some are service boutiques. There are lots more variants.

Smart customers have cottoned on. We call them “Pro-locaters”.

Pro-locaters have worked out that they don’t need to keep all of their IT assets in one place. By matching the specialist features of each operator to their own IT estates and business needs, they cherry pick the best data centre horses for their own IT courses. They have worked out that those racks full of communications switches and routers are best homed in Docklands data centres (They’ll get the best connectivity deals there). Those rack server clusters and storage arrays that house business critical application platforms are best located in the robust Tier 3 and 4 sites slightly further out of the City. Development and backup systems find far more economic homes in regional Tier 2 sites. E-Commerce systems need the security of PCI-DSS certification.

Pro-locaters can save thousands, perhaps millions of pounds from stretched IT budgets.

There’s no doubt that pro-location can save money. But pro-location falls apart if the connectivity conundrum can’t be solved. If the costs and availability of connectivity BETWEEN pro-location sites outweigh the benefit of separation, the point is lost. And that is what LIGHTNOW is all about.

Without LIGHTNOW, the cost of the big bandwidth you’ll need to make pro-location feasible will be prohibitive. Without LIGHTNOW you’ll often have to wait months for telcos to provision bandwidth between your chosen sites. Without LIGHTNOW, the performance and availability of your distributed IT assets may well be compromised. Without LIGHTNOW, high bandwidth connectivity to third party cloud and IaaS services may not cost in. And without LIGHTNOW, your future flexibility and responsiveness could be compromised by long term inflexible contracts.

Ten ways that LIGHTNOW can rock your world (a bit)!

  1. LIGHTNOW virtualises 21 leading London data centres into one high performance estate with affordable 10Gb Ethernet wavelengths
  2. You can order on-line for speed and simplicity
  3. 7 day lead-times help you respond quickly to changing or unplanned requirements
  4. Sub 1 millisecond latency on all routes supports server clustering, storage replication and program trading
  5. Circuit diversity options (for most sites) provide additional assurance for critical applications
  6. Zero install charges (if you so choose) smooth out regular payments
  7. Low pricing (10Gb costs the same as 1Gb 3 years ago) helps more projects “cost in”
  8. Unlimited in-life circuit moves between “member” data centres remove barriers to workload relocations
  9. 24*7*365 service and pro-active monitoring and tech support – no first line call centre “filters” – real engineers straight away
  10. 3 month, 12 month and 36 month contracts (and any multiple thereof) to match real-world project needs

Like to know more? Click here to see our LIGHTNOW service description or click here to contact one of our team.

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