A powerful challenge: Keeping remote windfarms online

We understand better than anyone just how important fail-safe connectivity is for windfarms; after all, any downtime could impact power generation. When Fred article source. Olsen turned to us to connect two remote windfarms in the Scottish Highlands – Mid Hill and Rothes II – we allocated a dedicated team to ensure any challenges could be swiftly overcome.

One of our local project managers, Derek Murphy-Steele, worked closely with Fred. Olsen to create a bespoke solution that would deliver unfailing microwave connectivity to both sites, with 4Mb capacity and internet access. During the course of the project, Derek and his team overcame a number of challenges.

The first centred on the location of the control room, which would connect Fred. Olsen’s remote windfarms. During the development and planning stage, it became clear that the location originally chosen for the room was not suitable due to ground conditions, so needed to be moved by more than one hundred metres. The team was quick to alter the plan and even re-submitted a second planning application on behalf of Fred. Olsen.

Added to which, the windfarms are surrounded by forest – a landscape that is undergoing constant change – so the team conducted not one, but two, line-of-sight tests before installing the radio link. The results led them to reconfigure the structure that would house the radio link and meant further ground surveys were needed to ensure it could support the newly designed tower. By thinking on their feet, Derek and his team were actually able to significantly reduce the size of the tower and, once again, project managed the entire planning application on Fred. Olsen’s behalf.

While these alterations and additional planning applications were in progress, the team’s attention turned to ensuring that the internet access for the site was pre-configured and tested well in advance of delivery. The telecom tower and the radio link were built and installed simultaneously, which meant that despite the planning changes, both Mid Hill and Rothes II windfarms were connected a whole two months ahead of schedule!

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