Three network innovations you NEED to have…

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has always been a game changer in the telecoms industry. We were the first to have a national Ethernet network footprint and now, after getting a taste for it, being a trailblazer of network reach is in our genes.

As a leading network provider, we understand the importance of a broad network reach – it enables you to offer a better service to your customers, and it also allows you to reach more potential customers. We want you to be able to turn to us for all your network needs and we’ve come up with three network initiatives we believe you need to get involved with…

It might surprise you to find out that way back in 2001 we were the first company to launch a national Ethernet network in the UK! We haven’t rested on our laurels either, network investment and expansion is now in our blood.

Take our launch of ‘Project Edge’, for example. This extensive network expansion increased our Ethernet network reach to more than 265 Points of Presence (PoPs), all connected by 20,000+km of fibre. As well as catering to demand from some of the UK’s largest enterprises, this expansion also enabled our service provider customers to enjoy connectivity to a further 2,000 third party PoPs; reaching a total of 200,000 postcodes across the UK.

Many of our partners have consequently grown their network footprint, to provide a broader, better quality service to their customers. With the backing of SSE Enterprise Telecoms, this growth can happen with peace of mind that they have the assurance of a trusted, FTSE 32, established telecoms company behind them.

Edge Plus’ was the next phase of the Project Edge Ethernet network expansion and this was rolled out during May 2014. We integrated with other leading network providers so that our customers can enjoy high performance Ethernet services to anywhere in the UK, from anywhere in the UK.

Going hand in hand with our Edge Plus implementation to make network expansion even simpler, we designed and created LIVEQUOTE – a highly intelligent and unique online pricing tool. After entering your A and B end locations, the capacity you require and your desired contract length, LIVEQUOTE instantly generates the most cost effective solution available using our network along with our partner’s networks: BT Wholesale, BT Openreach, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

Why not get in touch with your account director to request access to our LIVEQUOTE tool – we will support you as you get to know LIVEQUOTE and its benefits!

We want you to be able to rely on us and that’s why we hand-picked trustworthy industry heavy-weights like BT Openreach, BT Wholesale, Virgin, Vodafone and TalkTalk. It is due to our influence and strength within the telco industry that we have been able to develop such solid partnerships over the years, and it has also given us greater purchasing power. For our customers, this results in a one-step complete solution service at the best possible price sildenafil citrate generic. What’s more, we’re always looking at growing and improving our third party family to offer an even wider variety of options to our customers.

Interested in our Ethernet service? Download our data sheet to find out more!

Our customers, enterprises and service providers alike, have continuously benefited from constant network expansions and we don’t plan on stopping! With the number of UK broadband connections increasing by almost a million from 2013 and 2014, and the number of superfast broadband connections increasing more than double that – 3.9 million to 6.1 million – network demand is clearly on the up. Our team is looking into how and where we could best add value to our network footprint in the future – so watch this space!

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