SSE Enterprise Telecoms connects London Stock Exchange Group’s customers

London Stock Exchange and its customers to take advantage of SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ ultra-resilient, low latency optical network, tailored specifically to meet the needs of the trading community

London, UK – 10 October 2016 – SSE Enterprise Telecoms – the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure and data centre services, and part of the SSE group – today announced that it has been named an Accredited Connectivity Partner (ACP) by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). This agreement gives SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ customers the ability to connect directly to London Stock Exchange – to execute some of the fastest, most reliable exchange transactions in London’s financial services market.

LSEG operates a broad range of international equity, bond and derivatives markets. It also offers a direct and dedicated connectivity service – Customer Managed Connectivity (CMC) – which allows customers to access its markets through Accredited Connectivity Partners. The addition of ACPs such as SSE Enterprise Telecoms, means that LSEG members, non-members and independent software vendors have one more choice when selecting connectivity partners.

This latest agreement follows the construction of new network routes, both under the streets in traditional ducts, as well as far deeper underground in the waste water network.  This network infrastructure provides London Stock Exchange customers with a range of low latency, diverse routing options, using either dark fibre or managed wavelength services to London City, Docklands and Slough data centres.

The new LSEG service offers next generation optical networking gateways using “OTN” optical transport networking interfaces, offering LSEG customers the ability to connect to over 76 commercial data centres nationally with very short lead times, cost effectively, and at speeds of up to 100Gbps with multiple separately routed channels where needed.

Utilising industry leading networking technology from Ciena, service resilience and redundancy is ensured by using four dual optical networking chassis on opposite sides of the London Stock Exchange data centre, providing customers with high levels of confidence for their time critical connectivity requirements.

Nigel Harold, Head of Business Development – Technology, London Stock Exchange Group said: “SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ network offers a valuable addition to our choice of Accredited Connectivity Partners.  We are confident that SSE’s infrastructure and experience will benefit our Customer Managed Connectivity service, meeting the needs of clients who require connections via reliable, low latency networks.”

“As an Accredited Connectivity Partner of the London Stock Exchange, and by bringing its data centre on-net, we’re offering up an unprecedented connectivity service to London Stock Exchange stakeholders – from banks to traders,” said Colin Sempill, Managing Director at SSE Enterprise Telecoms. “In the financial services industry, it is paramount that networking partners provide reliable and fast connectivity. We live and breathe this at SSE Enterprise Telecoms, given our years of heritage in engineering our network for some of the most risk-averse industries in the world, most notably energy providers.”

“For our data centre customers, this means they will have access to one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world. The heartbeat of London’s banking district, it will open up the opportunity to provide best-of-breed connectivity services where speed truly equals money. What’s more, with built in flexibility and scalability we have future-proofed the network, ensuring that as the market changes, we can be as responsive to bandwidth demand as the traders are to market shifts. With that in mind, we’re looking forward to a great partnership with London Stock Exchange Group and its customers,” said Sempill.

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