Enterprise Solutions

  • Connecting data centres

    Demand for high capacity, resilient wavelengths between commercial data centres has risen exponentially in recent years. We recognise this and...

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  • Connecting multiple sites

    Connecting multiple sites with reliable Ethernet service is just one of the services we offer to our customers.  Our...

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  • Private optical cores

    For many larger organisations, private optical cores are imperative. Audit and compliance may be drivers, as may raw performance...

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  • Connecting your customers

    In a busy world, connecting customers who demand more and more means you need performance, predictability and availability across your networks....

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  • Cost reductions

    We are constantly developing our network to ensure we offer the best technology, the best rates and the best performance....

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  • Business continuity

    We offer high capacity, low latency, high availability optical networking connectivity across the UK, designed to support demanding business continuity challenges....

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  • Off-site storage

    Many businesses want the option of off-site storage. Our vast network includes access in a number of data centres...

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Our UK-wide Network

These maps will take you on a journey of our UK-wide network and data centre footprint so you can see where our recent infrastructure...

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