We offer high capacity, low latency, high availability optical networking connectivity across the UK, designed to support demanding business continuity challenges. We support real-time replication, synchronisation and mirroring tasks between major sites. The multi-gigabit capacity we provide supports very large data archiving and restoration tasks in modest time windows.

We are experts in engineering low latency, assured diversity, bespoke optical networking solutions. Our access to overhead power networks, deep underground waterways and traditional sub-surface telecoms ducts provides unique support for many of these challenges. To customer requirement, we may aggregate fibre from other providers to provide the most efficient, economic solutions.

For applications like backup and archive, a lower specification (and lower cost) data centre environment makes good commercial sense.

We have 15 such facilities in key locations around the UK that provide secure and well-connected co-location for non-critical IT assets.

Our Dark Fibre and Managed Wavelength services are individually designed and configured to meet individual customer requirements.

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