For many larger organisations, private optical cores are imperative. Audit and compliance may be drivers, as may raw performance and security requirements. For some, risk of damage to their reputation or financial performance caused by service unreliability will simply demand a verifiably resilient private network service. For others, the certainty that fully diverse private fibre routes and technically resilient network equipment brings will far outweigh the increased cost of design.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms can help, whatever your requirement:

  • We own a very large national fibre network. We can dedicate fibres on those routes for use by individual customers; far more cost effective than digging full routes.
  • We work with regional fibre partners and, where it makes sense for the customer, we can aggregate (interconnect) our routes with theirs to get closer to target customer sites.
  • When new digs are necessary we have our own contracting teams. We manage these projects in-house, dealing with planning and wayleaves internally, and commissioning construction works to our own very exacting engineering and safety standards.
  • Ultimately, these fibres are usually ‘lit’ with wave division multiplexing equipment, delivering custom wavelengths for each application. We can provide and manage those services for you – or you can run them yourself.
  • We have our own national and regional wave division multiplexing services. We can use these on long distance routes and terminate them on your site with new fibre routes (digs or hybrid dig/aggregated routes).

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