Ensuring your customers are always on, customer site connectivity through our reliable Ethernet service is paramount.

Large SI and Outsourcing deals often involve the SI connecting their own data centres to their new customer’s sites – wherever they may be. Customers data centres may also need to be connected to the SIs data centres, perhaps as a part of a planned “swing” exercise. Our 20,000km fibre network and 350+ diversely connected core network Points of Presence (PoPs) allow us to deliver very high levels of fully managed bandwidth to customer sites anywhere in the UK. In areas we don’t serve directly with our own fibres, our Edge Plus program extends our own network presence from over 2,000 third party PoPs across the nation.

For very large or demanding customers, we offer our Optical Connectivity services. Our services are usually bespoke in design and can be chosen from a range of service resilience options. These high bandwidth, high availability services offer up to 100Gb per wavelength, with multiple wavelengths available for each site.

For customers with multiple sites we offer a choice of network service types. Our “point to multipoint” Ethernet service supports customers with a data centre centric service model.

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