We understand that extending your network reach is crucial in the success of a growing business. But why invest in enhancing your own network when you can easily utilise our network instead? Growing your network is vital for many of our partners who want to expand their product portfolio by adding our Optical and Ethernet services to their own value-added service layers.

Service Providers often build their own resilient national or regional ‘core networks’ to deliver their services cost-effectively and with a distinctive service ‘signature’. We specialise in the provision of the high-availability, high-capacity Ethernet and Optical networking services that they need to interconnect these nodes.

Alongside this, as your customer-base expands in to new regions we can offer the crucial capacity needed to connect any new nodes, as well as regional co-location services to house any new equipment, allowing you to function at peak efficiency.

If you have Network-to- Network Interconnect (NNI) at these nodes you’ll also be able to enjoy best value, best performance customer site connectivity across the UK while growing your network.

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