Data centre services have never been more important, particularly when it comes to supporting fibre connectivity. We can help with the fibre connectivity your facility needs to be competitive, using our own planning and civil engineering teams wherever possible.

Dark Fibre services provide bespoke routes for direct fibre connections between data centres. Individual fibres alongside networking through sub-ducts and ducts are available. Our existing national and regional underground and overground fibre infrastructure alongside our ability to aggregate our fibre routes with pre-existing routes on partner networks gives us a head start and the best possible cost-base to work from.

In addition to our fibre services, last year we introduced our new inter-data centre WDM service, LIGHTNOW. LIGHTNOW allows Service Providers to supply their customers with 1Gbps and 10Gpbs optical wavelength services between 23 leading London data centres and 9 in Manchester in just 7 days!

Check our network map for more information on which sites this includes.

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