An Optical Fibre network solution is an excellent option for providing fast, flexible connections for multi-site and campus networks. In comparison to copper cabling systems, fibre optic Internet connections offers faster data transfer and greater data security, meaning it’s an ideal choice for modern organisations who require robust connectivity.

Our in-house experts are able to provide surveys, designs, installation and testing of multi-mode and single-mode optical fibre networks, existing or planned. What’s more, our Optical Fibre solution reduces infrastructure costs and supports in-building as well as underground cabling.

We offer preventative maintenance for your Optical Fibre network and telecoms assets on a regular basis, reducing the need for call-outs. But should you need us, our engineers are available on-site 365 days a year.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms also offers Structured Cabling and Wireless Networks. Meaning whatever your connectivity requirements are, we can help.

  • Optical Fibre Solutions features

    • Your optical network can be added to with minimal disruption.
    • Giving you a high performance optical network while separating passive infrastructures.
    • We will help design your network based on your needs.

Benefits to your business

  • Support services available

    In addition to 24-hour nationwide call-out and on-site support 365 days a year, preventative maintenance of assets ensures Optical Fibre network failures are minimised.

  • Supporting your growth

    A reliable, cost-effective service means your organisation can meet increasing demands, tackle day-to-day challenges, and achieve future goals with confidence.

  • Faster, flexible solutions

    A thoughtfully designed and installed network can provide faster and more secure connectivity for your inter-building or campus data transmissions.

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