For business environments where cables aren’t practical, wireless networks can provide the solution. We specialise in the design and installation of high bandwidth wireless networks for both indoor and outdoor use. Using the very latest technology, we can help your organisation transmit voice or data connections throughout and between buildings.

With our comprehensive range of solutions including radiowave, microwave, infrared and laser link, we can offer wireless networks for even the most challenging of environments. Wireless networking is therefore ideal for problematic buildings, such as those with concrete floors, and other sensitive environments. A business wireless network can also be set up on a flexible basis, providing wireless connectivity to temporary networks while still maintaining robust coverage levels.

In addition to preventative maintenance throughout the year, ensuring your assets are in the best working order, we can also provide on-site support around the clock. Giving you the confidence that any issues with your wireless networking will always be resolved quickly.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms also offers Structured Cabling and Optical Fibre solutions. Meaning whatever your connectivity requirements are, we can help.

  • Wireless Networks features

    • Choice of bandwidths from 4Mbps to 1Gbps, over distances of up to 4,000m.
    • Our solution is so flexible that temporary networks can be set up in minutes.
    • Our solutions are ideal for problematic buildings with sensitive environments.

Benefits to your business

  • Support services available

    Providing maintenance options so you can concentrate on what you do best.

  • Supporting your growth

    Cost effectively delivering reliable solutions now and in the future.

  • Connect to the UK

    Gain access to our 13,700km network including 75 commercial data centres.

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