Our Cloud Connect service provides high performance dedicated network connectivity to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Accessing cloud applications via the public Internet is commonly associated with potential application-affecting latency, throughput, security and general performance inconsistencies. SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ Cloud Connect service allows you to resolve these issues by connecting you or your customers directly to a choice of CSPs. Download our eGuide, 5 reasons why you should embrace Cloud Connect today, discussing how you could benefit from cloud services here.

The seamless connectivity provided by Cloud Connect allows for the natural extension of your private network into the virtual network of the CSP, thus bypassing the public Internet and avoiding the associated performance issues it can cause. It can also help smart businesses thrive in the digital age, and help them become digital-first.

Not sure if you need Cloud Connect? Our eGuide, Who needs Cloud Connect? can tell you more. Alternatively, you can click here to download our full Cloud Connect product brochure.

Cloud Connect service details


  1. CSPs

    Cloud Service Providers available

    Our Cloud Connect service can connect you directly to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Office 365.

  2. SLA


    Standard SLAs of 99.95% replicating the current SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ Ethernet SLA with enhanced SLAs available upon request.

  3. Key

    Cloud service authorisation key

    The customer retains the relationship with their chosen CSP and simply has to provide the cloud service authorisation key so that we can provision the Cloud Connect service.

  4. VCs

    Order multiple Virtual Connections

    Multiple VCs can be provisioned at the same time, each for different CSPs.

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is delivered as a Virtual Connection (VC) to your chosen Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Multiple VCs can be provisioned at the same time, each for different CSPs. In addition, these services can be quoted and ordered through our pricing portal, LIVEQUOTE.



  • Direct connection into your Cloud Service Provider of choice
  • Multiple Cloud Service Providers in a single solution
  • High bandwidth access options available
  • Consistent throughput and low latency
  • Fully redundant solution by design
  • Quote and order on our online pricing and ordering portal, LIVEQUOTE

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