Seamlessly connect 23 London and nine Manchester commercial data centres in just seven days.

Our inter-data centre connectivity solution allows you to scale up or down services in short timescales, enabling you to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs faster than your competitors.

LIGHTNOW is offered in 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps bandwidths and can be bought with flexible contract terms starting at just 90 days.

  • LIGHTNOW features

    • Utilises Ciena technology, giving you the confidence that you will benefit from the best technology solution
    • Offers you the flexibility to shift A and B ends at any time – ensuring you can quickly react to changing business needs
    • Offers shorter lead times than your competitors
    • Provides Sub 1m latency

Benefits to your business

  • Enhances business responsiveness

    Seven day lead times can enhance your responsiveness to demand.

  • Supports dynamic businesses

    Short contract terms facilitate ad-hoc, short term project requirements.

  • Improved business agility

    Re-homing wavelengths to other data centres during the contract term.

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