We minimise the high construction costs associated with private Dark Fibre networks by making use of existing fibre within our own 13,700km network, as well as through third party networks.

Wherever possible, we only dig short distances to connect routes together. We manage network routes constructed in this way, providing a high level of service assurance.

  • Dark Fibre features

    • Customer specified routes with dedicated or aggregated route choices.
    • Individual or multiple pairs of G652 and / or G655 fibre.
    • Dedicated duct and sub-duct options.

Benefits to your business

  • Matches business needs

    Precise specifications matched for your service-critical performance requirements.

  • Audit and compliancy

    Demonstrate resilience and security for audit and compliance purposes.

  • Confidence

    Bespoke service restoration and fault diagnosis SLAs backed up by SSE Group.

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