Our Scalefast FTTC product is an alternative solution for service providers who are looking for a fast and cost-efficient way to set-up their fibre broadband offering. The solution enables fibre broadband providers to virtually unbundle BT Openreach exchanges (providing access to the FTTx family) utilising SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ network for the data backhaul.

Businesses will benefit by continuing to maintain full control of their relationship with BT Openreach, whilst SSE Enterprise Telecoms manage and provide the backhaul, offering a quick set-up and flexible solution on a usage-based model. With minimal upfront CAPEX costs, broadband providers will avoid investing heavily in new exchanges and in turn benefit from the ability to scale faster than ever before.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has one of the largest networks in the UK, spanning 20,000km, with 265+ PoPs and connectivity to over 75 commercial data centres. By accessing our extensive and high capacity core network for backhaul, businesses will become high quality local loop unbundling players.


  1. FTTx

    Openreach GEA service

    In order for Scalefast FTTC to work for your business, you will need to have a fully functional Openreach GEA FTTC service or other services from the FTTx family.

  2. NNIs

    You can have full control over backhaul traffic as multiple NNIs can be procured with traffic engineered to allow flexibility over routing and failovers.

  3. LLU

    Local Loop Unbundling – Virtually unbundle an exchange for Openreach’s GEA products and become a quality LLU Player.

  4. 733

    With SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ Edge 3 expansion, Scalefast FTTC will offer access to 733 exchanges made up of 179 SSE Enterprise Telecoms parent exchanges and circa 544 child exchanges.

Scalefast FTTC

Scalefast FTTC

Find out more about how Scalefast FTTC can increase speed and agility with your fibre broadband deployment;


  • Scalefast FTTC


  • The ability to virtually unbundle BT exchanges with minimal upfront capital investment
  • Direct management of Openreach for the provision of the GEA FTTx products
  • Control of the oversubscription on GEA Cablelink and the NNIs
  • Usage based billing on the backhaul traffic
  • Turn-up broadband services in regions you do not have reach quickly and cost effectively
  • Backhaul over SSE Enterprise Telecoms high capacity, low latency network
  • Technical Pre-Sales team on-hand to answer any of your questions
  • The backhaul network is proactively monitored 24×7

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