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  • Ethernet NNI

    For many partners an Ethernet Network to Network Interface (External NNI) provides a high bandwidth single point of access into our UK network.

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  • Ethernet P2P and P2MP

    Our Ethernet service satisfies all customer bandwidth requirements from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps.

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  • Regional Co-location

    An ideal home for data replication, data archive, data backup, network access, network aggregation, switching and routing systems.

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  • Extreme Internet Access

    Liquid Bandwidth™ and our MPLS core network provide a high degree of service performance and assurance.

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  • Managed Wavelengths

    Supporting high-speed financial trading, storage replication, network extension, cross-site virtualisation and cloud service orchestration applications.

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  • Dark Fibre

    Provision your own optical networking services over fibre routes with pre-agreed performance and service level characteristics.

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    LIGHTNOW provides 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet wavelengths between dedicated data centres delivered within seven days, guaranteed.

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